Professor Fatai Badru, Ph.D

Professor Fatai Badru, Ph.D

Head of Department

Prospective Students


Social Work in the University of Lagos started as a Professional Diploma Programme – Social Development and Administration (SDA) in 1969. The B.Sc. Social Work Programme was endorsed by the University of Lagos over 12 years ago. The Senate meeting of 28 March, 2007 in her paper 3955 (k) gave legal and academic teeth to the establishment of the social work programme under the Department of Sociology. The admission quota then was 30. There were just two students admitted to the first session(2007/2008 session). The programme metamorphosed into a Unit but was still operating under the administrative structure and ambit of Sociology Department and coordinated by Dr. C.R. Nwanna till July 31, 2018. The University of Lagos Council approved the establishment of the Department of Social Work and Social Work gained full departmental status on August 1, 2018 as well as approval for B.Sc. Part-Time Programme to be run in the department. Prof FAD Oyekanmi, an eminent demographer, was one of the two foundation professors when the department was created. Prof FataiBadru was appointed the first substantive Head of the Department on August 1, 2018. The Department has produced three graduates with first class division: one female and two male graduates.


The philosophy of the programme is to produce students with competence in social work and social welfare who can meet the needs of the Nigerian society at this stage of its development and respond to the global challenges and national/local pathologies that impinge on social work. This programme is particularly important because of the increase in the incidences of social problems such as drug/substance abuse, major depression, suicidal attempts and suicide especially among adolescents and young adults. Others include human trafficking, domestic violence, economic downtown, social dislocation, destitution, abandoned babies, teenage pregnancies, mental disorders, refugee problem, among others, affecting the society negatively. These social pathologies require personnel who have been trained at the bachelor’s and other levels for necessary solutions, interventions and professional counselling. At the core of the philosophy of this programme, BSc. Social Work is the humanitarian concern and sensitivity to social welfare and social problems bedevilling the society.