Kole Fagbohungbe, Ph.D

Kole Fagbohungbe, Ph.D

Head of Department

Prospective Students


What is today known as Psychology Department University of Lagos started in 1965 when psychology was being restricted to a one-term course in School of Social Studies and Business Administration.  Afterwards it was taught as a science subject in the prelim class alone to seven students by Late Mr. E. T. Abiola in his office in 1965/66 session, lectures were mainly on theoretical discussion and practical exercises in Psychology.  The former Nigeria Minister of steel development Mr. Paul Unongo was the 2nd lecturer ever to be employed in the department in 1966/67 session.  He was then lecturing experimental psychology and by this period psychology had become a subject proper in year one science.  Psychology became a department in this citadel of knowledge in 1969/70 session with General, Experimental, Practical Psychology, Human Biology, Remedial Maths, Economics and Elements of Social Relations as subjects and had Mr. Abiola as the acting H.O.D, Mr. Unongo and Dr. Franklin as members of staff.


The underlying philosophy of the programme is to train students who can hold their heads high among psychologists anywhere in the world.  The first objective is to train psychologists who will be able to apply their expertise to solve problems, wherever the find themselves.  The second objective is to train researchers who will contribute to knowledge in Psychology.

Psychology is concerned with overt behaviour, covert events and experience and physiological changes. Overt behaviour involves many activities including such psychomotor activities as walking, talking, kicking, running, crying, facial expressions etc. which are directly observable. Covert events and experience refer to feelings and mood, beliefs and attitudes which cannot be observed directly, but are often inferred from behaviour. For example, feelings of anxiety, pain, anger, depression, elation etc.