Professor Olatunji Babatola

Professor Olatunji Babatola

Head of Department

Prospective Students


The Department of Geography in UNILAG is a very vibrant one. It has a relatively wide specialization focus, which is reflected in the diverse composition of its academic staff whose areas of teaching and research covers the whole spectrum of human geography, physical geography as well as human-environment systems. The pedagogical approaches across the three major domains are geared towards addressing pressing societal problems. The specific  areas of specialization which have emerged and have attracted students interest include Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems, Environment and Natural Resource Management, Climatology and Climate Change, Biogeography, Hydrology and Water Resources Management, Cartography, Settlement and Human Habitat, Agricultural Geography and Food Security, Geomorphology and Paleogeography, Transportation and Logistics, Regional Planning and Development, Population Geography (Geodemography), Geotourism,  Medical Geography and Disease Ecology, Economic Geography and Regional Studies, as well as  Spatial Analytical Techniques.


The curriculum of the Department is designed to provide students with the knowledge of basic geographic concepts and scientific methodology for liberal and professional education and researches in geography. This is with a view to enable them appreciate and develop necessary competencies and analytical skills for solving development problems of the environment.